“Earth Like Planets” is a music project developed by Brian Cooper. All of his releases contain songs inspired by a variety of writers and researchers involved in psychology and philosophy or what is also called cognitive science.   His performances are some times solo where he plays with sequenced drum machines and synthesizers while on vocals and guitar. He also regularly performs with other musicians on bass, drums and keyboards. Their sound has been described as a post punk sound that is somewhere between Devo and Joy Division.

    “Earth Like Planets” has performed at many music venues, festivals, and art spaces such as The Echo where he opened for Innovative Leisure’s “De Lux”, Human Resources in Chinatown with Adam Forkner’s “White Rainbow”, and at Doug Harvey’s “Perform Chinatown”. He has also performed at places like KCHUNG radio, The Satellite, Silverlake Lounge, Los Globos, Lot 1, Don Bolles’"Ye Olde Hush Club" @Hyperion Tavern, Cafe NELA, The Redwood, MARS Gallery, Independent Art Book Fair, Charlie James Gallery, Honey Trap, 18th Street Art Center, Jaus, Bergamot Station, The Torrance Art Museum and Cal Arts. In 2013, he performed in Austin, TX during SXSW at The Carousel Lounge, as well as festivals in Joshua Tree and Ojai as well as Amnesia in San Francisco and Love Craft in Portland. Earth Like Planets’ show at The Echo was reviewed by Brad Roberts’ “Radio Free Silverlake” music blog. His songs have been played on dozens of college radio shows like KALX in Berkeley and KXLU in Los Angeles. His self-titled EP was also reviewed by bay area music blogger “Disaster Amnesiac”.

Earth Like Planets present project is a full length album that is also an 80 page art book that contains drawings inspired by each song on the record.